Coming from the plot of 30 years-old vines, Château Laville is composed of 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet. The traditional Vinification is characterized by 28 days period spent in the vats at 28°C, followed then, by the aging in oak barrels during one year.

Production : 100 000 bottles per year.

The EXIMIUS of the Château Laville is made from the oldest vines of the vinyard. The long period spent in the vats and the Vinification at high temperature (about 32°C) enable a good extraction of the aroma and color. The aging in oak barrels increases the quality of the wine.

Production : 40 000 bottles per year.


The CLAIRET is a rosé wine. After approximately 48 hours spent in the vats, the grape juice is poured out in order for it to finish the fermentation process alone, without any contact with the rinds. It then turns into wine and keeps a very fruity taste and a rosy color.

Production : 10 000 bottles per year.


 The rosé is obtained by short maceration in the vat lasting a whole night.

Dry and fruity, distinguished and charming at the same time. “Summer wine”, which can be drunk as an appetizer, with starters or during the whole meal.


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